Friday, June 23, 2017

A Festive New Wreath!!

Are you getting in the mood to hang out some flags and CELEBRATE with lots of
Red, White & Blue?  Then you need to see my new PATRIOT'S WREATH:

Boy, is it fun to stitch, with a whole lotta red, white and blue things to create!!
There are flags, and stars, and hearts, and medallions, and snazzy fireworks, too.  The pattern includes gold beads, gold star sequins, and three acrylic stars to place in your larger stars.
Here's a section of it up-close:

So, ATTENTION, STITCHERS: do you wanna start a new wreath for July?  
Well then, jump up and march on over to my website and see all the ordering particulars 
for my new PATRIOT'S WREATH.... 
And of course, have a Happy, Stitch-Filled Weekend, too.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sneak Peek: Fireworks are Coming....

Can you guess what I've been working on lately, based on the sneak peek below?

(Hint: it's a new piece that celebrates our nation's birthday next month...)
And this week is especially timely to stitch something red, white and blue
while watching all the goings on in Washington D.C.
 So grab a project to stitch and get comfortable watching
history unfold before our eyes....

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Time to Hit the Stitchin' Trail!

This past year I've worked on such a variety of painted canvases, complex geometrics and composite stitch collages that I've started to crave the simplicity of a good ol' stitched quilt! So I sat down and designed a new quilt called "CALIFORNIA TRAILS" which uses Watercolours 244 - "Olive Garden" as its base, with a handful of blue and green #5 pearl cottons and a splash of gold metallic Ribbon Floss for good measure.

How blissful it is to work up simple geometric shapes using diagonal satin stitches and straight stitches - and that's it - no fancy stitches here!!  Yeah, I could add Rhodes Stitches, Waffle Stitches, beads and buttons, but I truly think of these as miniature quilts.... so I design them as if they were flat pieced quilts with traditional blocks and motifs.

 In CALIFORNIA TRAILS, the central block definitely has a traditional feel, but adding the multi-colored diamond border kicks it into an art quilt look, I think.  So this design is equally traditional AND modern/contemporary at the same time.  Also, I've wanted to use the blue/green combo of Watercolours' "Olive Garden" for a long time now, and this quilt certainly seemed like the best way to show it off.  And the colors remind me so much of the colors of the rugged Pacific coastline or the mountains of the High Sierra:

I like the rather masculine look of this piece and could see it as a pillow for a comfy leather chair - can't you?   And just the other day I had a query from a stitcher asking for a good design for a pillow for a church bench and this design sang out as a good choice....

So if you're hankering for a simple but satisfying new project, please consider my new CALIFORNIA TRAILS pattern, which you can read more about over on my website:   Happy Stitchin' Trails, everyone!!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Do You Love Stitching Ribbons?

I do!
And recently, I realized I hadn't offered my sweet RIBBONS & MONOGRAM class for several years, so it seems like a good time to offer it now as the next cyber class:

It's definitely a fun project!  And the perfect size, too: just 7.5" by 8" on 18 ct. brown canvas (which creates a vintage feel that shows off the yummy colors).  You get to create three different ribbons (stitching just enough of the patterns to be fun, but not overwhelming), plus you have a central initial to tent stitch as a focal point - which makes this piece a terrific small project for yourself or as a gift for a friend.   I originally stitched up the pink model for myself, and now I'm working on a purple version for a purple-lovin' friend of mine.  I'm hoping to make them into pillow insets sometime this year.

And this class offers several color options, so the stitcher gets to choose between these springy color palettes:

Pretty sweet, huh??

So if you'd like to stitch up this sweet RIBBONS & MONOGRAM piece for an easy springtime project, please skip on over to my website and check out the class details! 

Pssst, just so you know: I'm offering this encore class now, so I can finish up a few new cyber class designs I'll be offering later this year - stay tuned for more stitching adventures!!!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Just a Reminder....

This is the last weekend to sign up for my new DAFFODIL TIME cyber class.

So if you want to hang some cherry daffodils in your home, this is definitely a project you want to stitch.

Skip on over to my website for all the class registration particulars.... and HAPPY WEEKEND!!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Time for a New Wreath!

Are you itchin' to do some fun spring stitchin'?
How about creating a new wreath to display in your home?
Recently, I had a hankering to design and stitch a wreath
 that displays lots of different birdhouses,
because I thought it would be a fun one to stitch, 
as well as have hanging in my house all through the spring and summer seasons....

So, TA DA -- here's the brand-new BIRDHOUSE WREATH

I had a blast thinking up unique birdhouses that would fit snugly inside a circular wreath space.  And of course, I had to include a pair of birds and their own "natural" nest!  (I made my birds sparrow brown, but you could make them bluebirds or goldfinches, if you prefer.)   Here's a peek at a corner of the wreath (and I'm rather smitten with the tiny log cabin house!):

One of my favorite birdhouses is the little red barn:

Too cute, huh?!?
Anyway, the order in which I stitched this design was: first, the velvet bow; then all the birdhouses; then the birds and their nest; then the assorted flowers; and finally, the wreath's variegated greenery.   On this wreath, I stitched pretty much everything with #5 pearl cottons, but not until I was finished did it occur to me that I COULD have stitched all the flowers with silk or cotton ribbons - DUH, how fresh and springy would that look??  Anyway, that's just one of many ideas you can play around with on this wreath.  Adding cute bird, bee, flower buttons and charms is another way to personalize this wreath.  So I offer it up to you, and hope you will enjoy building your own BIRDHOUSE WREATH!

Please flutter on over to my website to see all the particulars about purchasing this fun new BIRDHOUSE WREATH design.  And Happy Springtime Stitching!!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Got Your Springtime Wreath??

Springtime is marching right along, isn't it?

Have you been decorating your house in delicious pastel colors?

Put a floral wreath on your front door?

How about a wreath inside your house with lots of springtime treats?

If you need a festive wreath to stitch up for inside your house, sashay on over to
my website and checkout my SPRINGTIME WREATH!  It's very fun 
to stitch and then sit back and enjoy....