Friday, April 20, 2018

Time For Some Flowers!

 I don't know about you, but I've been craving some spring flowers to stitch...

 I wanted something fun, and floral, and not too difficult...
So I designed something that I consider Pure Pattern Pleasure --
                                                                                          this new FLORAL WELCOME:

I was thinking it would be fun to have a stitched "welcome" sign that was hanging in my house... and maybe it will be a seasonal design, to change out with other textual designs later in the year (we'll see how that goes).  As you can see, I already had a gold 10" x 12" frame that fit this 8" x 10" piece perfectly, so I'm ready to hang it in my entryway.

I've stitched my model on 18 ct. Santa Fe Sage green canvas, although it would be brighter and sunnier looking if stitched on eggshell (or any other color you prefer).  I chose two very fun floral patterns - one for the inside filler pattern, and one for the large flower border.  There's a soft variegated background pattern around the Welcome text that is basically a Four-Way Stitch with metallic accents, and the text is just Tent Stitch done with a soft Ribbon Floss metallic - easy peasy!!  Here's another look up close, although the photos just don't do justice to all the shimmer and sparkle in this piece:

Since my favorite color combo is pink and green, that's what I stitched.  But really, this is the PERFECT project for the stitcher who wants to change the colors to match her own decor.  Here are two other colorways - BLUE and LAVENDER -  I give thread substitutions for on the pattern:


But really, there are so many color combinations you could use for this .... something for all you creative stitchers to consider!!  No matter what the colors, this is definitely yummy, yummy stitching that's fun and festive and FLORAL -- just the thing for welcoming spring after a long, cold, grey winter!

So if you're a flower lover like me, and welcome a sweet piece like this in your home, please tip toe through the tulips to my website,, and take a look at the ordering information for this new FLOWER WELCOME pattern.


Thursday, February 8, 2018

Spring is Peeking Around the Corner....

Are you tired of the dreary winter days? 
Ready for some bright springy colors and uplifting projects?

I've just posted TWO springtime cyber classes that are bound to lift your spirits -- DAFFODIL TIME and LILAC TIME.   To be honest, I just couldn't decide which upcoming class to offer next, so I thought, "Hey, why not give stitchers the choice of two really springy pieces?"

Here's DAFFODIL TIME, with the brightness of a field of daffodils:

And here's LILAC TIME, with a cooler, more subtle springtime palette:

So to celebrate the coming of spring, I'm letting you decide which springtime piece you'd like to stitch as a cyber class.  I'll run BOTH of these classes in May, so you can join one or both classes, if you haven't already stitched up these happy pieces!

Both of these designs measure apprx. 8" x 8" on the santa fe sage green canvas.  Both designs are stitched with a few variegated threads, a handful of #5 pearl cotton colors, plus a few sparkly metallic threads mixed in!

I consider these both to be advanced beginner-to-intermediate stitcher projects.  The stitches aren't difficult (indeed, you'll probably know all of them well) but they are combined in fun and unusual combinations that are really a pleasure to stitch.

So if you're yearning for some bright spring flowers in these last weeks of winter, please splash on over to my website,, and see all the class and registration information for both of these luscious designs!