Friday, November 30, 2018

A New Novembery Quilt

Every so often, I get a craving to stitch up another quilt design.  And this month I was in the mood to work in purples and I went searching through my Watercolours skeins to see what would call out to me for an autumn quilt.

I chose the skein at the bottom, Watercolours 184 - "Sheherezade" with all those yummy purples and golds, so I could also sneak in a bit of metallic ribbons in purple and burgundy.

Here's the new quilt I designed and call "AUTUMN STARS":

Honestly, I can't get enough of those traditional quilty stars.... and I find myself returning again and again to playing with them in new and different ways.  This design incorporates some fun and easy stitch patterns in the star centers - checks and stripes - and uses them in the outer borders as well, which gives the design a contemporary art quilt look.  And I gotta tell you: there's nothing difficult about this one and the whole piece is just plain FUN, FUN, FUN to stitch on a cold night by the fire.  
Here's a close-up look at one of the purple stars and the border:

And because this has such a rich, autumnal feel to it, it would be terrific to change out the colors if you wanted to work your own fall quilt.  How about blues and golds?  Teals and oranges??  Just find a variegated skein you're crazy about, and then match your solid color #5 pearl cottons and two rich metallic ribbons, and you're good to start stitching!!

So if you're in the mood to stitch up this satifying new AUTUMN STARS quilt, please mosey on over to my website and you can find all the pattern information on my American Quilt Collection page.....