Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Easter and...

I love Easter. I love Spring.
I love the rebirth of all the flowers and plants. I love the greening of all the trees. Every thing on earth is filled with new promise and growth. It's definitely a time to renew hope and optimism. Truly the beginning of a new year.

As a stitcher, I always feel that Spring is the time to start new projects. (Well, every season is a time to start new stitching projects, but I'm taking a little poetic license here....) And I especially crave pure, springtime colors - like the colors of bright easter eggs - pink, butter yellow, sky blue, pale lavender, and the tenderest of spring greens. Time to get out those canvases with bunnies, chicks, eggs and flowers!

Unfortunately, Easter came a little earlier than I expected this year, and I didn't get my Eastery ideas down on canvas....oh, well, I'll have to start earlier next year! (I'm planning a set of Faberge-like eggs on canvas, but you won't be seeing them until next spring...) But I did get the "Happy Easter, Happy Spring!" canvas worked last year.

I started designing some rectangular-sized quilts because one day I got a call from a stitchery store owner who asked if I could design something for the 12-inch edge piece of canvas leftover when they cut several 14" x 14" squares of canvas for my regular quilt designs. I said, "Sure...don't throw out that canvas and I'll design something for that size." So consequently, I've designed several rectangular quilt patterns, such as "Happy Halloween" and "Summer Days." I probably should do the remaining season (winter), so there's a full set of rectangular patterns. (I'll put that idea on my to do list, okay?...)

Now I have to get back to printing and stitching....

Have a very Happy Easter and be sure to enjoy your Spring!

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