Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Inspiration Chain

Here's another example of inspiration leading me along a surprising chain of new ideas and new designs:

Last summer I started stitching up a lacy blackwork design with very pastel colors. I had stumbled upon a lovely "twisted ribbon" border idea I wanted to try out, and that in turn led me to create a "willow branch" border that I also incorporated into this design. Here's part of the original design:

By the time I'd gotten the majority of the stitching done, it was autumn and because it wasn't appropriate for the fall season, I lost interest in the spring colors and set this project aside.

But then, (Aha! Inspiration strikes again!) it occured to me that it would be fun to create a fall version of the same design; using the same layout, but changing the colors and elements to reflect the autumnal season. So, I pulled another palette of threads (this time in autumn colors) and began playing around with stitch combinations that would be perfect for grapes and grapevines. And before I knew it, I had the VINEYARD BOUQUET stitched:

It was quite a challenge to think up a realistic grape leaf pattern; but I like the way this one turned out, with a burgundy-colored ribbon peeking out under the leaves... And I definitely wanted to create blackwork patterns that featured grape clusters. Only after I had the blackwork areas stitched, did I decide to put beads in every blackwork box - not only did it give the piece a lot of texture, but it was the most realistic way to make it look like grapes!

But now, here it is spring I pulled out the almost-forgotten SPRINGTIME BOUQUET project and continued stitching on it. Instead of grapes, THIS version has fat pink Wrapped Roses (done with a shimmering Ribbon Floss) and the overall effect is a springtime fantasy of fluttering ribbons, soft pastels and lacy blackwork motifs.

Because the variegated thread I used on this project has such a lovely spring palette (Watercolours 64 - "Pale Lilac") I've included two color options on the pattern. You can choose between a pink accent (DMC 818 & 3354) or a lilac accent (DMC 340 & 333). Either color goes perfectly with the variegated thread and the soft springtime greens (DMC 3346 & 3347).


Anonymous said...

Your designs are amazing I just love the colors that you use. And you are right we are drawn to the color. GB

Einschies blog said...

Wow, what great work you´s a bit different from my own cross stitch things I am doing, but I really like it...well, I have a question, are these your own designs? I like the autumn piece that much, I would love to do it too...perhaps....later this year;-))


SockPixie said...

Incredible design. You have create the most beautiful needlepoints.