Friday, January 23, 2009

Just a Peek...

In my previous posting, I showed you my PINK CYCLAMEN design.

It reminded me that I had started a companion piece to it last year, so I went looking through my project box and pulled it out.

Here's how much I have started:

It's done in #8 pearl cotton thread in blues and greens, and again, it's stitched on 24 ct. Congress Cloth.

Can you guess what type of flower will be going in the middle of the design?

Hmmmmmm.... I'll definitely have to pick this up and start stitching on it again, and (hopefully) I'll have it ready for you to see in the Spring.

Till then, let's all pick up an old project and get back to stitching on it.
There's nothing so satisfying as finally finishing up a project that you started long ago, don't you agree?

(Because of course, it means that AFTERWARDS, you can give yourself permission to start something new - which is even MORE satisfying, right??)

Sooooo, happy finishings, everyone!


Lisa Eddo said...

My first thought is a periwinkle, but I think it could be a dahlia too.
Love your creativity, it inspires me!

Wanda said...

beautiful stitching! I don't have many unfinished pieces. I usually work on one at a time. The pieces I have not done are pieces that just didn't work out!

lewmew said...

I guess lilacs