Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pure Americana!

Here's a little seasonal color to get you in the mood for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend.....

Here's the first red, white and blue quilt I designed, called STARS & BARS (and yeah, it has a bit of gold in it, too). Let's face it, these stars are just plain fun to stitch in ANY color combination:

Then a few years later, I came up with another red, white and blue quilt I called STAR SPANGLED QUILT, which has a good bit of gold - but it's metallic this time:

This is LIBERTY STAR, one of my all-time favorites, with a quilty version of bunting.I think this is a great design because not only does it have lots of fun stitch patterns in it, but it also manages to look traditional AND contemporary at the same time:

And hey, let's not forget this traditional favorite, the good ol' CLASSIC LOG CABIN:

And do you love firework displays? I do. And I wanted to try and create some fireworks - stitchery style - so I designed my INDEPENDENCE DAY:

And WOO HOO!...for a real firecracker, sparkler effect, you gotta love this PINWHEEL SPARKLER pattern. It reminds me of kids sitting on the curb, waving pinwheels and flags as they watch a parade pass by. This design just sings out with lots of colors, movement and razz matazz:

And last, but certainly not least, is my INDEPENDENCE INN, which says it all:

Hope this gets you in the Spirit for stitching - as well as celebrating our freedom and independence!

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Wanda said...

These are wonderful! And yes...stitching in any color is fun. I can well imagine these in different color patterns as well. Nice job