Friday, February 19, 2010

Post Script to Yesterday's Blog

I forgot to mention on yesterday's posting that the delicious piece I showed you at the bottom (shown above) is a design by Gay Ann Rogers called "Hollyhock House."

I love miniature things - especially houses - and this stitched version of a miniature house was irresistable! And I must say, I've loved stitching every bit of it. Here's the lower portion of the design, thus far....

I've changed the color palette a bit, with more springy pinks and greens and blues. The flowers at the bottom remind me of sweet peas (one of my most favorite flowers) so I'm quite pleased with them.

And I couldn't proceed further with stitching the living room decor until I figured out how to add my dog Katie into the design (which originally had a cat beside the stitching chair.) Here's the stitched version of Katie up-close:

VOILA!! Now that she's in the picture, I can continue stitching.... And, because I'm enjoying stitching this piece so much, I'm taking it slowly and enjoying the process, stitch by stitch.

Please visit Gay Ann Rogers blog and website, if you're curious about seeing more of her luscious designs....They're really splendid, and each one is truly a delectable work of art!


Mary Corbet said...

I love the variety of stitches in the fireplace mantel! And that stitcher's spot there next to the fireplace - it's just splendid! It looks like a really fun project!

Coni said...

Holey Schmoley, Laura! This is just amazing! I especially love the perfect rendition of Katie. A house just wouldn't be a home without her now, would it?

Love your colors for this too!

Happy Weekend to you!

Kayla said...

So lovely design! Espessialy dog and stitch-frame.

April Mechelle said...

Sew Great !!! I love how you personalized it !!!

Anne Stradal said...

Absolutely lovely, and Katie is precious! How are you at designing beagles?

Edy said...

Beautiful work; and the design isn't bad either!

Danielle said...

I love this. I've never worked on this sort of material before, but I love the way it looks!

Rachel said...

That's a gorgeous rendition of your dog, and like Mary, I really love the stitch choices on the mantelpiece. Well done!

Marina said...

You stitched designs are perfect!!!
I'm looking for to buy pattern for Gay Ann Rogers project The Guardian Angels of Hollyhock House.
May be you still have it and will be so kind to sell it to me
Thanks in advance for your reply to
my email