Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Flowers: Blue Iris

In-between all the rain showers this week, my irises have started to bloom:

Which ties in nicely to my blogging theme this week: springtime kimonos. I thought I'd share another one with you....Can you guess which one?? TA DA -- It's my IRIS KIMONO of course:

Here's an up-close look at the different patterns used in this design, plus the irises along side:

All of my kimonos are stitched on 24 ct. Congres Cloth (apprx: 9" x 9"). When a store owner asked if they could also be stitched on 18 ct canvas, I said I'd stitch one up and see how it looked. Here's the same IRIS KIMONO stitched on 18 ct canvas (10" x 12" and equally lovely) in a different color combo:

Anyway, I hope this bouquet of irises - real and stitched - brightens up your Friday!


Front Range Stitcher said...

Oh, just lovely Laura....both the kimonos and the iris'! Winter is hanging on here in Colorado, yesterday we were covered in hail and today I have 6" of snow and still falling. The mountains are getting about 2feet-great if you want to ski; I'd rather be stitching. :) Have a happy day and thanks again for the flowers.

Rachel said...

They're lovely - and yes, they did brighten up my Friday!

Edy said...

Thank you -- I LOVE Irises. I have your Iris Kimona started in my stash...I must dig it out and complete it.

Jim Simms said...

How Pretty!!! I love Irises, especially purple.

flower Philippine said...

Oh' this is the first time I saw a blue Iris. I like it. Wish I can also have it on my garden. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post.


kittygoespotty said...

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