Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Call Me Rumpelstiltskin

Sorry I haven't been blogging much this month. I've been soooo busy on a variety of fronts that I just haven't had time to sit down, draw a deep breath, and think about stitching - let alone DO some stitching. Whew. It's been that crazy (but in a good way - grin)....

My latest preoccupation is getting ready for the EGA National Seminar, being held in San Francisco next week. I've signed up for a table at their Wednesday Merchandise Event, which is a fun-filled day of stitchy shopping heaven for all those Seminar attendees.

I've been busy printing lots of patterns. And I also spent some time hand-dying some thread (three different weights of pearl cottons) - which is something I do occasionally. (And before you all ask: unfortunately I'm NOT selling any of my thread on my website. It's just too much work to get into the thread-dying business full-time and it would take me away from my designing work - which is my TRUE passion. And besides, there are already lots of different thread companies out there that provide us with plenty of hand-dyed threads.) Anyway, it's really messy, back-breaking work, but as you might imagine, having lots of luscious thread at the end is well worth all the effort.

I feel like the girl in the old fairy tale that is stuck in a room with pile of straw and told to weave it into gold. Here's what my boring "pile of straw" looked like before I started:

At this point, I get into my old paint-spattered clothes, slip on some plastic gloves and start painting thread....

And here's what it looks like after it has been rinsed and is drying on the line:

Then it needs to be twisted back into skeins and labeled, but here's what all the hard work is about:

My straw has been turned into stitching GOLD: lots and lots of gorgeous thread to play with....dream with...and ultimately -- stitch with!

So, if you're lucky enough to be going to the EGA Seminar in September, please stop by and say "Hi" ... and check out all my treasure!


mskathk said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. You have a wonderful eye for color, as is evidenced by your designs and your hand dyed threads.

Mary said...

I can imagine that it is a lot of work, but the result is oh so worth it! Your colors are beautiful.

Denise said...


Those fibers look yummy! I'm drooling! I understand there are several hand dyed flosses out there and it would take you away from designing --- but I disagree with you. There are NEVER too many fibers to buy.

Have fun at the market.
Smiles - Denise

Anonymous said...

Oooh! I'm going to be at EGA, and from the looks of things, your booth is going to be the first I check out. I'm such a thread junkie! These look beautiful.

Carol S.

Miss Eagle said...

Yum!!! Gorgeous colours!

Deborah said...

I attended EGA and was priveledged to see these threads. The photos do not do them justice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura--It was nice to meet you at EGA. As I suspected, your threads were scrumptious! I'm sorry I didn't get back to your booth to buy more, but Lacis and Needle in a Haystack were calling. I'd certainly be willing to purchase more, however, if you had any left and would make them available. Judging from how busy your table was, though, I'm betting they were nearly all gone by the end of the day.

Can't wait to try mine out on something!

Carol S.