Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Maintain The Fantasy

While working madly last month to get ready for the San Francisco EGA Seminar, I maintained the fantasy in my mind that when I returned I would reward myself by sitting all day in my stitchy chair and working leisurely on project after project, sipping tea and munching on chocolate for sustenance.

Well, I have returned from the Seminar and alas, my cherished fantasy
Is Not To Be.
Too much work has piled up. Orders have flooded in. And oh, how had I forgotten? I have trunk shows and lots of other October events to prepare for!

So I've been back at work, frantically printing and collating and packaging for these up-coming events:

A trunk show of my designs at Kelsey's Needle Krafts in Placerville, CA. If you're up in the Gold Country in October (or even down in the Sacramento Valley and want a day trip up into the Sierra foothills) why not check out Kelsey's new shop in the lovely gold town of Placerville?

And if you're going to the ANG Seminar in Columbus, OH through October 1-8th, be sure to visit the ANG Boutique, run by M's Canvashouse (from Lexington, KY). They'll have a bunch of my latest designs in their shop.

And I also got a call from Louise's Needleworks in Powell, Ohio. They are located a short distance away from the ANG Seminar and will be running a shuttle back and forth to their shop during the week-long event. AND, they're planning to feature all sorts of counted canvaswork designers - including my work. So I've sent another box of assorted patterns to Louise's so shoppers can have even MORE stuff to oogle!

And October is the time my stitching friends in El Paso, Texas have their annual mountain retreat, run by Nancy Wahler of The Counted Thread. I certainly wish I could join them at their stitching retreat, but instead I'm sending a box of goodies for the fun stitching ladies of El Paso.

So all you travelling stitchers out there....have fun stitching and shopping. Just spare a kind thought for me, maintaining my fantasy about sitting down and stitching some time soon... and oh, yes, Katie is fantasizing too -- about somebody having time to stop and play fetch with her!


Susan said...

This was great! Glad to see your busy. Not at all surprised tho, your designs are wonderful!

Agata Obrocka - said...

What a beautiful dog! I'm in love with her right now :-)
I love your designs too. And your blog.