Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fast AND Festive!

Last year around this time, I confessed that I had been working on some small quilty-looking holiday ornaments. I even had a few stitchers email me this year about when they were going to be available. Well, TA DA! I've finished the pattern that has four smaller quilt designs that are perfect for a fast and festive project. It's called HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS, Series 1.... Here they are:

As usual, the photos just don't do justice to all the shimmer and glitter of these guys (and wow, how that Ribbon Floss pops in these ornaments! Ya just gotta stitch these up to see what I mean - 'cuz they use both red and gold metallics...)

I've stitched the models in the more traditional holiday colors (using Watercolours 025 - Holiday), but I also include thread colors for a more muted Victorian Christmas version (using Watercolours 047 - Camouflage) as well as threads for a blue and gold Chanukah version (using Watercolours 160 - Night Sky). But, hey, they'd also be fun to stitch in ANY other color combo you've got a hankering to try!

Originally, I thought these quilt blocks would be fun to stitch up as individual ornaments, but now that I've been looking at them in my office, I can also see them inset into small pillows; all four stitched close together (with 4-6 threads between) as one large square holiday design - like the first photo demonstrates; or even stitched in a long row to create a small banner or bell pull.

The ornaments all measure 4.5" x 4.5" on 18 ct. mono canvas. I used eggshell canvas, but any other color would work, too. Sooooo, if these cute little projects ring your bells, just visit my website for more information on these HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS. Ho, Ho, Ho!!

And P.S.: If you're wondering whether my naming this pattern "Series 1" means they'll be more -- you're right. I'm thinking that another four ornament designs are a definite possibility for NEXT year.... Stay tuned, Stitchers!!


jdnrob said...

I LOVE them....going to be first in line to buy them!!!! How soon will they be available????

Joanie Robertson

Susan said...

These are just gorgeous, Laura! I can see them as a Christmas Bell Pull as well. Thank you for sharing!
Happy Holidays

Julie said...

Those are so pretty!

smj said...

Yes, but where can I find them to buy/do? I will try to get one done - it's perfect for my best friend, a quilter!
Susan in Seattle

Tatkis said...

Oh, they all four are SO beautiful, so much Christmas mood in them! Fantastic work!

Best wishes,

Karen said...

THESE are BEAUTIFUL - and I'm not usually into traditional Christmas colors :) The Wish List continues to grow exponentially to my checking account...

Mianthia said...

I love them! I'm stitching the Box of Ornaments right now, so these will look wonderful with it!
- Sue
(usually anonymous, but remembered my google password finally!)

Front Range Stitcher said...

Wonderful! Especially with such rich colors.