Saturday, February 19, 2011

Photo Finishes!

Recently, my first cyber class came to an end, and stitchers sent photos of their finished CORSAGE pieces. I though you might enjoy seeing the variety of finished pieces as well.

JoAnn Shepherd of Burke, VA gets the "fastest stitcher" award, for finishing her red version first... (her motivation was that she is entering it in the Woodlawn show held later this season):

Edy Fenster in New York City finished her orange version in record time.
Don't her orange colors give the piece a fall feel?

JC Reft of Chicago, IL shows us the turquoise version,and decided to add more more greens to her piece:

And Kathleen Klein of Tustin, CA really made some changes! How lovely is her salmony pink version?? And don't you just love the way she stitched her center flower?

Barbi Sherman in Arizona decided to go with a TOTALLY different Springy spin for her CORSAGE, with pinks and purples:

And here's the purely purple version, done by Barbara Ward of Knoxville, TN:

Great job, everyone! And again, thank you, CORSAGE STITCHERS, for taking the class!


Mary said...

Great project and all of the stitched pieces are just beautiful!

Tatkis said...

Wow, all the stitcheries are so different and so beautiful!

Best wishes,

Karen said...

I love all the different colorways! Each piece is beautiful.