Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Time to Trim the Tree!

I just finished another holiday design called BARGELLO CHRISTMAS TREE.  The idea came to me rather late, and I spent a week stitching to get the model done and then the pattern completed, so I could share it with you this season.  Here's what it looks like (and boy, is it a festive, colorful piece!):

I stitched it on the eggshell canvas with gold metallic flecks, which makes the whole thing very sparkly, let me tell you, and it easily relieves the whole "how do I finish the background" question very nicely.

I chose four different bargello patterns - two roundish or curly ones, alternating with two sharpish zig zag ones - just to make stitching fun and provide visual interest.  The colors are the traditional red and green, with LOTS of metallic in red, green and gold... plus some round gold beads sprinkled on the tree wherever you can fit them. Here's a closer look at the tree patterns:

And if you've ever done any bargello, you know how fast it can go, once you get your main pattern line stitched. The stitches are easy - all straight stitches, plus a few diagonal satin stitches, and that's it!  I hung some large, easy ornaments in the background and even added some simple "bows" on top for extra texture.  I really enjoyed stitching this  - especially how fast it worked up, so I could have it hanging in my house this season!

If you want more information on this new BARGELLO CHRISTMAS TREE design, please visit my website (listed in CAPITAL LETTERS on the list at right) to see more details... and get ready to have some holiday fun trimming your own tree!


Tatkis said...

Such a charming Christmas tree! Beautiful!


Sheena said...

Just beautiful, I am so glad you decided to design a Christmas piece. Thank you.