Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Need Magnets??

Do you remember a while ago I posted a picture of what I was stitching with a "bottle cap" magnet next to it?  Here's what I'm talking about:

Well, yesterday I got an email from a very nice Emilie at LittleEMbellishments on ETSY.  She was letting me know that she's created a special set of magnets for stitchers that says "KEEP CALM AND STITCH ON". 

When I ordered from her last time I explained to her how stitchers use their magnets -- not on the refrigerator, but to hold their needles on the canvas -- and she was kind enough to create some just for us!  Here's what the new magnets look like:

Aren't they great?  There are two different color sets.  You get a set of four magnets for $6.00, and she's also offering a set of backing magnets as well (5 for $1).  Is that a great deal or what!?!  And they are flat on top, so the needle rests securely on the magnet.  And while you're visiting her site, check out all her other cute magnets, like these:

Sooooo, if you happen to be the kind of stitcher that likes having a matching magnet for each/all of your stitching projects, ya gotta go visit Emilie's store to see her fun items!


Alicia said...

so using magnets keeps one from losing the needle, huh? My hubby would like me to do that!

zenuwpees said...

Thats very good i must always search my needle hugs Marie-Claire

Gary said...

Ordered a set. They're in the mail. Thanks for telling about them.

Gary Parr said...

Received my set. Poor quality. Glue smeared on surfaces and magnets much too small and weak to be effective needle minders. Will try to get refund but probably wasted $10.

Laura said...

Gary: Well, that's disappointing! I did not have any problems with mine, so I don't know what to say... but I'm really sorry to hear the magnets were not to your liking.