Friday, November 8, 2013

Changing Colors

 Are the trees in your area changing colors?

Do the leaves look like they are being hand-painted by nightime elves?

Does this time of year inspire you to work on projects with autumn colors of red & gold? 
 If so, here are a few of my favorite fall designs:

 FALLING LEAVES, from my American Quilt Collection

and CHEROKEE STAR, which has the same red and gold colors 
(also from the American Quilt Collection)

  a more elaborate TURNING LEAVES, from my Impressionist Collection

and a blackwork version of AUTUMN LEAVES, from my Sampler Collection

As the weather gets cooler, don't you think it's nice to work on a project that reflects 
the colors of the season?  I certainly do...

so Happy Friday, Stitchers....and enjoy your lovely long Veterans Day Weekend!

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zenuwpees said...

Des belles foto's et des magnifique quilt felicitation bon week-end Marie-Claire