Monday, December 9, 2013

Just a Quick Follow-Up...

It's been lovely to read the comments coming in about the Little House books, and how they touched our childhood lives and I just wanted to say:

I'm sure all of you will really enjoy reading the story behind these beloved books!  After reading Susan Albert's A WILDER ROSE, I was profoundly moved by the quiet drama (and heartache) that was involved in getting these books published.  Susan's descriptions of life during the Depression were particularly moving and brought home to me how HARD life was during those years.  And yet, and yet.... people survived and were grateful for what they had; a valuable lesson, no matter when or where you live.

Finding out about Rose Wilder has made me think so much about the books themselves (I even went to the library and checked out a few of my favorites to reread)...but mostly I found myself thinking about Rose Wilder A LOT, and how she struggled to take care of her parents, yet forge ahead with her own art (writing) and try to build her own independent life at a time when the publishing industry had virtually crashed to a halt, and no one had money to buy books.  And I think wistfully how nice it would have been to sit and stitch with her, and talk about all the places she traveled during her life.

And another thing I found interesting: the Little House books came along JUST at the time when the publishing world was beginning to create separate children book lists, and editors were on the look out for material that would appeal specially to children.  The timing was nothing short of providential, I think, and ultimately added to the unique success of those special Little House books.

So, if you want a special treat for yourself or perhaps for a reader on your Christmas list, please visit Susan Albert's website:  www.A Wilder  You'll also be able to see photos of Rose Wilder and read more about her life.....

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