Wednesday, June 25, 2014

HEY YA! Stitchers...

For all of you stitchers that purchased my recent HEY YA! stitch guide, there's a substitution boo-boo on the page with the materials list.

For the thread substitutes listed for the BELLA LUSSO threads, it should read like this:

    Bella Lusso 612 - light green     --->     Splendor S906
    Bella Lusso 630 - med green                Splendor S837
    Bella Lusso 581 - dk green       --->     Splendor S838
    Bella Lusso 903 - wine             --->     Splendor S886 or S1144
    Bella Lusso 964 - med pink      --->     Splendor S1004

So if you'll please pencil in the changes on your patterns, you'll have the correct Splendor thread numbers when you get around to ordering your threads....

So very sorry for the mistakes, stitchers!!


zenuwpees said...

J'adore la broderie bonne journée Marie-Claire

zenuwpees said...

C'est tres beau Marie-Claire