Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Singin' the (Happy Dance) Blues

I'm dee-lighted to report that I FINALLY got my icy blue beads (after hunting high and low on the internet for any available 6/0 size) and was able to finish beading my new, new, new NORTHERN LIGHTS design this weekend. Whew, I'm soooo happy to finish this new counted canvaswork design and get it on my website for you.

I've been eager to share this shimmery piece with you, since I know there are lots of blue and aqua lovers out there... I mean, who doesn't love blues and aquas??.... And this one is totally FUN to stitch, with no difficult stitches -- just lots of shiny, easy stitch and thread combinations that create a dazzling finished work of art:

 The piece is built around a favorite variegated Watercolours thread - 068, "Mediterranean" (2 skeins) - but I also provide instructions on how to pick out other color palettes if you want to choose your own colors and amaze yourself with your favorite color combinations.  (And hey, wouldn't those separate diamond blocks make totally fun ornaments?  What a fun way to try out some wild and crazy color combinations!)   Each diamond block uses totally different stitches, and if you notice, I tried to alternate straight-lined blocks with curvy-lined blocks - just to mix things up and add some variety to the different areas.

I always enjoy making the snazzy corner "fan" stitches -- working the bottom layer with 1 ply of the 3-ply variegated Watercolours, then placing the second layer of stitches on top, using 1 strand of the softly shimmering Ribbon Floss threads. The most important thing is getting them to lay flat and smooth, but a laying tool works wonders, as does one of your fingers!   And I hope they remind you a bit of those shifting colors of northern lights in the cold winter skies, since they were my inspiration for this piece.

Anyway, NORTHERN LIGHTS is finally available for you eager stitchers.... so please visit my website: www.laurajperindesigns.net for all the latest ordering info. 


merlinsmomster said...

I've just finished ordering my supplies for this, and I can hardly wait to get started on it. This is gorgeous...right up on the top of my favorites list alongside your Windows pieces. Thanks in advance for the hours of pleasure I'm gonna get while stitching this one.

Verna Wilder said...

I woke up this morning remembering that yesterday I had ordered one of your patterns but couldn't remember which one. I remember feeling so excited when I saw it that I knew it would be my next project. When I went to you site just now and saw the Singin' the Blues piece, I knew that was it - same strong sense of excitement.

I love your patterns, Laura, and I feel so grateful to you for the work you do and share.

zenuwpees said...

Magnifique broderie comme toute vos broderies bonne journée Marie-Claire