Friday, February 6, 2015

Sweet Treats

 Oh, YUM....
Are you in the mood to stitch up some sweet treats for yourself or someone you love?

Then please  check out my new counted canvaswork pattern, called VALENTINE ORNAMENTS, that I just added to my website today:

These guys are CUTE!!
They are four little valentines (4.75" x 4.75" on 18 ct. canvas; 3.5" x 3.5" on 24 Ct. Congress Cloth) that are especially sweet to stitch up and enjoy.  

As you can see, I stitched two of them on the old-fashioned brown canvas and two of them on the snazzy red canvas, just cuz I couldn't decide which background color I liked best....(and besides, how often do you have a reason to stitch on red canvas?!?)

And, because I couldn't decide which background stitch I liked better, I stitched two of them with a simple Four-Way Stitch (as the top photo shows) and two of them with a richer, more textured background (shown below).  So you can decide which way you'd like to stitch your ornaments!

And you can also decide if you want to stitch individual valentines, or work them in a vertical row for a bellpull - or in a horizontal row for a fun framed project  -  or maybe in a square, for a pillow - sheesh, there's a lot of stitchin' potential with these guys!  (I'm tempted to stitch them up in other colors, too... maybe in hot pinks? lush lavenders? springy pastels? creams & golds? what colors sing for you??)

Any way you decide to work them, these four designs are very fun to stitch up.....
So, if you need a special little treat for yourself this February, please check out my new
VALENTINE ORNAMENTS over on my website.


Karen said...

These are very cute!

zenuwpees said...

Wooooow i love it beautiful Marie-Claire

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