Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring is Busting Out All Over

Are you seeing signs of Spring in your neck of the woods? 
 Here in northern California everything is bursting with tender green leaves

And gardens are filled with lots of bright colors...

It's the right time of year to start a springy new project, that's for sure!
If your daffodils aren't blooming just yet, you can always stitch up a bouquet,
 with my classic DAFFODIL COLLAGE pattern:

 Or are you a tulip person?
Here's my softly pastel PINK TULIP COLLAGE:

If you crave something a little brighter, how about the SPRINGTIME RIBBONS piece, 
which features lots of fun flowers, bunnies, chicks and eggs:

Or brighter still, here's a vibrant HAPPY EASTER/HAPPY SPRING! project that's perfect for hanging in your entryway or making into a happy pillow (you can find the pattern under my American Quilt Collection):

Can you guess that Spring is my favorite season?? Anyway, over the years I have created many wonderful springtime projects that are sure to lift your spirits and get you into a happy stitching mood.  If you're craving a dose of sunshine, please visit my website to see these and other springtime designs!


sally said...

We're expecting snow tomorrow - but at 6PM it is spring, so it had better be over by then!

From NJ,


zenuwpees said...

Les broderies sont très belle bravo bon après-midi Marie-Claire