Monday, April 6, 2015

Egg-cell-ent New Wreath!

Oh, all you Springtime Lovers.... have I got a new pattern for you!
It's my new SPRINGTIME WREATH, that is filled with all the happiest things of Spring --
pastel flowers, decorated eggs, and a soft chick and bunny.

There's so much going on with this wreath, that it's hard to take it all in, isn't it?  
When I started stitching it up, I began counting out from the center point,
working the velvet ribbons and bow first; then adding all the eggs, doing them one by one. 
 The bunny and chick came next (done in touchable-softBella Lusso merino wool);
 then I wove the small basket and filled it with plump eggs.  

Adding lots of pastel flowers came next - 
daffodils, pansies, open tulips, and tiny pink blossoms were fitted between all the larger items
 on the wreath.  I selected a variegated ThreadworX #5 pearl thread for the wreath foliage, 
that is worked in an easy Pavilion Diamond variation to fill the background 
behind all the wreath items.  

After everything was stitched, I finished my wreath by adding a handful of beads (included with the pattern).  I also went back and outlined each egg with a simple Stem Stitch, using the softly variegated ThreadworX, to make each egg stand out a bit from the wreath greenery.

Like any stitchery project,
 if you break down this SPRINGTIME WREATH into manageable steps, and 
focus on each step at a time, it really isn't so difficult.... and as the piece begins to take shape
right before your eyes, you can celebrate the process (as well as the joys of spring) -- 
and take pride in creating something that you'll enjoy displaying every year!  

So if you're up for a new wreath to display in your house, please hop on over 
to my website and see the thread list and other information for ordering


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Lovely. Great work!

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Magnifique broderie felicitation bonne nuit Marie-Claire