Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sneak Peak at a New Quilt Design

I've been busy this week polishing up my next quilt design in the AMERICAN QUILT COLLECTION.  This one is a rather large design (12.5" x 12.5") done on my usual 18 ct. canvas.  I'm calling this new design CALICO STARS, which seems appropriate, as you can see below:

It's been fun working on snippets of patterns that replicate calico fabric
 (all done in #5 pearl cottons),
then adding the background colors in DMC floss.  I stitched the model shown above 
with a PINK palette using Caron Watercolours 048 - Far Horizons as the foundation,
 but the Materials List also includes a thread list for  a luscious BLUE palette
 that features Watercolours 236 - Appalachia as well! 

IN any event, I'm sending out the patterns to my distributors this week, 
and you'll be able to view the whole CALICO STARS piece and purchase it next week 
on my website. 
 So stay tuned, Stitchers, for more quilty fun for 2016!!


Sheila said...

Pretty!!! It' going on my wishlist. Just need to find more hands and time to stitch everything.

zenuwpees said...

What a beautiful embroidery i love it Marie-Claire

Jean B in PA said...

This design is beautiful. I love the detail.

Mamamiau said...

That looks like great fun to stitch!

susanalbert said...

Gorgeous. On my to-do list, will order as soon as you post it!

cartermrc said...

Adding to my stash! Love the color palette.