Monday, April 25, 2016

Springy Things


Are the flowers blooming where you live?
Does it get you in the mood to stitch some springy things??

One of my favorite spring pieces is LONG SPRING PANEL, which I originally stitched
in cool pinks and greens:

Then I loved this design so much I stitched it again in warm pinks and greens:

Both versions are yummy and I STILL can't decide which I like better!!

Then there is the fresh and airy SPRINGTIME BOUQUET, that reminds me
of a garden gazebo, covered in vines and climbing roses:

For a springy blue piece, I created this SPRING BOUQUET SAMPLER below, which is stitched 
on 24 ct. Congress Cloth with delicious Waterlilies 110 - "Hyacinth".  The stitched patterns
are a combination of "composite stitches" and "blackwork stitches" done in color.
The fun thing about this design is that it can be stitched in ANY color palette, if you first
choose a variegated Waterlilies thread you adore, then pick your solid colors to coordinate:

And for another light-filled springtime piece, here's BLUE RIBBON SAMPLER
which sneaks in a bit of hardanger amongst the blackwork flowers for a lovely lacy feel:

I stitched the above piece in blues and apricots - using variegated 
Wildflowers 147 - "Winter Sky",but again, 
you can change the colors in this piece just by choosing another variegated thread,
then matching the DMC #8 and #12 pearl cottons to it.

Just looking at these pieces creates the illusion of walking through a springtime garden, 
filled with colorful flowers waving in the soft breeze.  So if any of these pieces 
strike your fancy, please skip on over to my website and look under my
"SAMPLER COLLECTION" to peruse these and other springy designs!