Friday, November 11, 2016

New Holiday Ornaments!

Due to the popularity of my previous HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS - Series 1 and 2, I decided I needed to create another fun set this year, called HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS, Series 3.

Each ornament design is 5" x 5" on 18 ct canvas (and 3.5" x 3.5" on 24 ct. Congress Cloth). I've stitched my models on the Santa Fe Sage green canvas, but really you can stitch them on any color (you'll stitch solidly on the canvas, so none of the canvas shows).  As you can see in the photo above, I stitched all four designs on one piece of canvas, but you can certainly stitch each one on a separate piece of canvas, or even in a vertical row, for a bellpull effect.

I also consider these cuties as "mix and match" designs, because you can switch out the colors of each border to suit your favorite look.  To show you how they look, I did two of the pieces in red pearl and red metallic borders, but if you prefer, you can stitch ALL four ornaments with a red and white border, for a matching look.  You can also switch out the inner patterns around the tree and stocking to red & white, green & white, or red & green - you choose!  And it sure would be fun to mix two packages with two ornaments in ONE design!  As you can tell, there's a bunch of ways to play with this design, and the stitches are all easy ones, so they really are fun to stitch up. 

MATERIALS NEEDED:  Watercolours 025 - "holiday" with DMC #5 304 (2 skeins), 890 (2 skeins), 3345 (1 sk), white (2 skeins)... along with YLI Ribbon Floss 148-021 (2 sk.) and 148-039 (2 sk.) - or Kreinik 1/16th Ribbon 002 (3 spools) and 031 (3 spools).  Stitch on four pieces of 8" x 8" 18 ct. canvas or ONE LARGE piece of 14" x 14" canvas for all four designs.

UPDATE, as of Nov. 15th:  I've been able to edit my website today, so you CAN order this fun pattern off the website!  Go check it out!!

PLEASE NOTE -- If you're interested in adding these new designs to your holiday collection: my website is currently frozen in an older 2015 version, thanks to recent "updates" done by my website provider, and I can't edit/add new products. They're working on the problem, but I have NO idea when my website will return to normal.  Sooooo, if you want this new design: please email me with your order request, and I'll send you a custom PAYPAL invoice, and we can do business that way!

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