Friday, February 29, 2008

At the Beach

This past Presidents' Day weekend, my stitchery friends and I rented a house in Bodega Bay where we could sit and stitch ALL weekend long. Bliss.

In the past, we've rented a house in Half Moon Bay, but this year we needed to find another house to rent and decided to try Bodega Bay (a little farther north, above San Francisco). It's always a little iffy going by photos when you rent a house. But I think we were all pleasantly surprised at the house we rented. And as you might imagine, our stitchery specifications were quite definite: we needed lots of good light, lots of comfortable seating, and lots of elbow room to spread out our stuff. Oh yeah, and enough bedrooms and bathrooms for all of us.

Well, it certainly met our requirements. Turns out the house was about 100 yards from Hwy 1 - which is a two-laned road that winds along the California coast, at times only a few yards from the ocean. So, we had a perfect panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean at all times....

On Saturday, the sky was sunny and blue all day - like the top photo shows - a perfectly beautiful coastal winter day. Then the sun disappeared and the remaining days were overcast and grey, like the photo below shows:

Which didn't hamper our stitching one little bit... No matter what the weather, it was truly stitching bliss!

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