Friday, February 22, 2008


Where DOES the time go?!?

Here it is, practically the end of February, and I haven't done any blogging since Feb. 5th. Well...time to update you all on the projects I've finished this month.

Here's the finished FLAMINGOS IN FLIGHT:

Very upbeat, sort of tropical and a little bit of deco thrown in, too. It was really fun to stitch up (VERY easy stitches), and I particularly enjoyed seeing the juicy fruit colors come to life on the canvas. Although, when I look at it, I do think it would be a really wonderful pattern to change the colors. While I love the pink/peach/lavender combo, I can also "see" it in tropical blues/greens/turquoises...Can you see it that way too?

And here's the other project I've finished this month, the LILY OF THE VALLEY COLLAGE:

Can you recognize it from the "mystery" collage I showed you a few weeks ago?
Did you guess which flower would be going into the center block?

I had planned to stitch the ribbons with white pearl cotton, but when I started stitching them they were TOO stark white and way TOO bright, so I ripped out and stitched the ribbons with the palest blue I could find. The only place I used white pearl cotton was in the highlights of the actual lily of the valley flowers.

And the pale background is done with Caron Wildflowers in 141-Alpine Moss, which matches the thicker Watercolours 141 that I used thruout the rest of the boxes. Just using one strand of a thin, single-ply variegated cotton can create such a lovely watercolory washed effect on your canvas....I used a simple four-way diamond pattern here, but I've also done a simple zig zag pattern, which looks equally lovely. As you can see, it makes a terrific background for any canvas design!

[NOTE: Thes patterns are not quite available yet...please check my website in a week or two, and - hopefully - they should be available by then...]

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Doris said...

Oh, I have fallen in love with flamingos in flight, the color are so,so great!