Monday, October 6, 2008

The House at Crow Corner

Here's a canvas I purchased last autumn. I saw it at my local needlework shop, REGAL RABBIT, and immediately fell in love with it. (I JUST LOVE HOUSES - of practically any kind or color - and find them impossible to resist. sigh.)

I started stitching on it last year, but you know how, sometimes, when you reach a certain area of a painted canvas and you can't figure out what to do, it stops you in your tracks and you lose your stitching momentum? So you set the canvas aside, start stitching something else, and consequently, forget all about it until you pull it out later and decide to tackle the problem area? (Can you RELATE to that? hmmm??)

Well, that's what happened to me. I was going along, happily stitching the variegated clapboards, and tent stitching all the cute stained-glass windows...when I got to the roof area and just....STOPPED. The roof areas were so small, they couldn't handle large overlapping shingle patterns, or even offset cashmeres....So I put the canvas away and forgot about it.

Until THIS year, when I pulled it out again and determined to finish it by October.

Sooo, I had to figure out what to do with the roof. I settled on tent stitching the background, but first placing little random scotch stitches. It gives enough of a discreet pattern to suggest a patched roof, without overwhelming the little house.
(Actually, it kinda looks like the roof has lots of warts, doesn't it?) But I'm pleased with it. And also pleased that it got me over the hateful HUMP and allowed me to continue stitching on the rest of it.

And check out the two-broom garage! Isn't that a hoot?

And of course, once I had all the stitching done, I had to figure out how to deal with the little colored "dots" that were sprinkled in the sky - were they supposed to be falling leaves, or pieces of candy (my preference)? Anyway, beads were the answer - in muted autumn leaf colors. So I went to a bead store in Santa Rosa and found some great beads! But THEN, to put on the falling beads, I needed totally invisible thread, right? So I rummaged around in my old sewing stuff and pulled out some invisible quilting thread and used that. Perfect!

Well, I'm pleased with everything: the roof, the beads that suddenly look like piles of leaves, the crows and even the smoke swirls coming out of the chimneys (I added that, so it looks like someone is home. I also added a black cat charm.) And, best of all, I got it finished it plenty of time to display for October! Woo Hoo!


Nicole said...

Wow Laura!! That is stunning! Congrats on a beautiful and great finish!! :)

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Nicole's right. This is wonderful! I love how you did each part, from the spider on its web on the left to the bead/leaves and the cat button and the crows on each side and the straw and bead wreath on the door. You did a great job!

Do you remember the designer?

Jane, Chilly Hollow

Stitch Wizard said...

Wow that house is just awesome!! It takes a designer like you to come up with such exquisite ideas as you have on this wonderful house! The smoke coming out of the chimney has such a cute look about it and everything is just beautiful! I love it! Debby :)

Margaret said...

It sort of makes me glad that it happens to you. It happens to me ALOT!

That house is fabulous! You've made wonderful choices.

Coni said...

Woo Hoo for you! This is fabulous! How are your going to finish/finish it? As a stand up? Framed? No matter what you do with is just great!

Sheila said...

What an interesting fun design and I really like the little quirks you´ve added :)

Nancy L said...

The piles of bead leaves and straw wreath are inspired! Thanks for sharing such a well-executed piece.

Elizabeth said...

That is really beautiful! I love the shape of the roof. Painted canvases are so neat, and works of art in themselves. But they are sooo expensive! Great job. ~Elizabeth, Novato

Babs said...

I love fall projects. Your house is stunning. When you get a chance take a look at my blog for your award. Between you and the Spinster Stitch my reading materials are never dull.

Raven/Missy said...

I can most definitely relate to that, though I haven't done canvas work yet, I have had similar instances with my stitching.

This house is positively stunning! I love all the little details in it, the colors and texture are fantastic! Congratulations on the finish!

DovilÄ— said...

just perfect house! congrats :)

Stitch Wizard said...

I just saw this house on another blog and realized that you must have designed the stitches on the wreath as yours is so much prettier than the other one. I just love the wreath and thought it was very unique! This whole house is just gorgeous!! Debby :)

Letty said...

Hi, I am very new to canvas work and enjoy reading your blog very much. I love this house, it is gorgeous!

Cyn said...

Hi Laura,

This is terrific!

I love how you handled the roof and all of your other little touches. :-)

And yes, I know that feeling when you put away a design when you get stumped/frustrated. I'm in the process (long process) or reorganizing my needlework and I'm finding quite a few of those type of projects! ;-)

Windy Meadow

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! What fiber did you use for the clapboards on the house?

Pat in CO said...

Is there any chance this is a XS pattern? I'd love to do this but printed canvas is out of my relm.
Pat in CO