Monday, September 29, 2008

Town House For Sale

I've recently finished stitching up my latest counted canvas quilt design; it's called TOWN HOUSE. (It provides a totally different look and layout from my earlier COUNTRY CABIN design.)

I was inspired to create a monochomatic quilt pattern after I visited my sister, who has been working on putting together a house quilt using all red and white fabrics. I thought to myself, "Hey, I should try that with thread!" So I came home, pulled out some monochromatic variegated threads, and after doodling around with house blocks, came up with this design.

I couldn't decide which color to focus on: red, blue, green or purple. But blue won out this time. (But on the pattern, I include the thread choices for the other color options as well.)

And I have to admit: it was really hard to stick with the monochromatic blue. I really, really wanted to stitch with a variegated thread that had other colors, but I resisted - I so seldom stay in one color, I thought it would make a good stitching challenge for me. For extra fun, I used lots of a soft blue, metallic Ribbon Floss in the border areas (it matches the lightest blue pearl cotton, so it's hard to see in the photo, but in the flesh, the piece has a nice shimmery sheen to it). And I COULD have used a very pale blue for the background as well, but decided to play it safe and use ecru instead. (But I do list the pale blue color on the pattern, if anyone wanted to use it for the background color.)

I designed two different house blocks; one house has shutters and one house has two chimneys. And the striped and checkered border worked up so fast and fun, that it truly was a pleasure to stitch. All in all, this pattern was really a fun one to work on. So, if you're interested in it, check my website in a few days....I'll be posting it for sale sometime soon.

(FYI: I still think this would be tremendously fun to stitch in other variegated colors...or, hey - how 'bout every house being a different color? Anyway, I definitely think this pattern has lots of potential for stitchers who like to create their own color combinations! ...And I sure think this would make a darn cute pillow top, too!)


Annette said...

I think I've found my first Laura Perrin purchase :)

Nicole said...

Your new design is beautiful Laura!! I love it! :)

Cyn said...

Hi Laura,

Love this project as I am very fond of Indigo blues. Though it would be fun to stitch it in a variety of colorways. Hmmmm... Can I fit this into the rotation...

Windy Meadow

Ruth said...

Your blues are beautiful -- even though I do love your more colorful adventures.

Stitch Wizard said...

I just love this design!! It is so pretty and has such a wonderful country home feeling! I just love it! Debby :)