Monday, September 1, 2008


I just got a packet of Caron Collection's twelve newest thread colors:

These are the WATERCOLOURS versions, but they're also out in WILDFLOWERS and WATERLILIES.

Here are their names, from the top of the photo:

Barely Blue
Porcelain Blue
Cornflower Blue
Garden Path
Black Hills
Prairie Grass
Sunflower Seed

Aren't they delicious? And their names are worthy of designs using those names, I think....ANYWAY, I was glad to get these new threads and have no doubt they will inspire a several new designs in the coming months.


NCPat said...

Oh, yum!, is right! Thanks for sharing.....I will have to watch for these!

Mylene said...

wow! such lovely colours!!

Jill in CA said...

Wow, I never knew you had a blog; just found the link from Glenda's. I just popped in to say I *love* your designs and have several...just bought two more from Elegant Stitch last month. One of these days I'll actually stitch them!

Nicole said...

Beautiful!! Laura, I'm becoming so addicted to your designs! I just started and new one and I'm already searching the net for my next one! :)