Friday, December 19, 2008

Need a Little Christmas??

I've been very busy this season stitching up gifts, working on new designs for the coming New Year, finishing and mailing off models for the TNNA trade show in Jan. 2009, etc., etc., etc. . . . So guess what? I haven't had any time for leisurely blogging lately. Sorry about that....

BUT... I did take time to post on my website another seasonal freebie pattern for all you seasonal stitchers out there. It's called HOLLY & IVY and it looks like this:

It's a small 4.25" x 4.25" square, stitched on 18 ct. mono canvas. I used an assortment of Rainbow Gallery threads, as well as #5 pearl cottons. The original variegated thread I used - Overture V63 - has been discontinued, BUT, you can still get Encore E63, which is the same elegant variegated color, but a slightly finer thread, so use 2 ply of that instead of the 1 ply of Overture.

Anyway, I stitched this cutie several years ago, and came across the model a few weeks ago, remembered how much I liked it...and thought I'd share it now with you.

And if you want to stitch up a matching companion piece for it, check this out:

It's called HOLIDAY SQUARE. For this freebie, please visit Rainbow Gallery's website: and click on their FREE PATTERNS page. You can download this pattern, which I recently sent to Rainbow Gallery as a special seasonal treat.



Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh...Nice little Christmas gifties....nice! Thank you very much!!!!

Annemiek said...

These are sooooo cute Laura, thanks so much for sharing them. I will definitely add this to my Christmas stitching box.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the Christmas designs! I just got the canvas and threads for Indian Autumn! You are amazing! Have you worked on the Christmas Deer House by M. Shirley that you started last year? I love that piece and am very interested in how a talented designer interprets painted canvas. Your posts always make my day! Judy

Wanda said...

Very nice and the colors are perfect! Happy holidays

Gayle said...

Laura I love your designs but I am suddenly unable to get to your design site. Is anyone else having this problem.

Antonina said...

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Anonymous said...

Caron Watercolours 047 Camouflage works well as replacement of the Rainbow Gallery thread.