Friday, December 12, 2008

T'is The Season

I have to admit that not only am I a "seasonal stitcher" (I prefer stitching bunnies and chicks in the springtime, Santas and reindeers in December), but I'm also a "seasonal designer." I really have no interest in creating Christmas designs in July. Instead, I love getting inspired for my designs in the proper seasons.

So now that the holiday season is upon us, guess what?? Yup. I'm busily stitching away on new Christmas designs.

Here's the very latest holiday pattern I've finished. I call it BOX OF ORNAMENTS, because the rounded blocks remind me of those old-fashioned ornaments with sparkly caverns exposed on one side:

I've taken a traditional quilt block and jazzed it up for the holidays. I've used red, green and gold ribbon metallics for the centers of all the "ornaments." Unfortunately, the photo just doesn't show all the sparkle and glitter of this design.... but it's really an eyeful of Christmas cheer!

Here's an up-close look at all the elements in the design - all very fun to stitch.You'll notice that there are lots of different ornaments to stitch: small, medium and large... And since I couldn't decide which outer border to use - the red/green/gold banner or a very fun peppermint stripe - I've graphed both and will let YOU decide which border you want to stitch!

So, if you're interested in my BOX OF ORNAMENTS, please check out my website (click on the LAURA J. PERIN DESIGNS link in the list on the right.) for more information.


geeky Heather said...

That's just beautiful!!!

Frontrange Stitcher said...

Very nice design. I can definitely see the Christmas balls in the box and love your use of quilt patterns with Christmas colors of red and green, all wrapped up in a wonderful border. Lovely.

Possibilities, Etc. said...

This is fabulous - and I love your header also. I always get inspired DURING the season, as those are the images in front of me. I simply save them until the proper time for marketing. (Christmas in July etc.)

Wanda said...

Really beautiful pattern! I love the details

tintocktap said...

I really like your Box of Ornaments - it's the sort of design that looks like it lends itself to different colour combinations which is good as I'm not into Christmas designs so much!

Just wanted to tell you too that I've just finished my Mystery in a Corner, following your idea for the border. You can see a photo at I've made a few other changes rather than just adding the border as I had a problem with my colour scheme, but I'm very pleased with it!