Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Love Pansies, Too

I had so much fun combining flower photos with my stitched pieces that I'm doing another one! Here's a real pansy collage - blog style.

First some photographed pansies:

Then my stitched PANSIES:

...with an up-close look at how I stitched these pansies on 24 ct. Congress Cloth:

And here's my stitched PANSY COLLAGE, with pansies stitched in several different ways:

I hope you enjoy all these happy pansy faces as much as I do!


Wanda said...

Wow!! This is a great post!! Both the stitching and the flowers are beautiful. The colors are so...real! The close up of your stitching is great...I can see all the stitches. Really nice.

Anonymous said...

A group of pansy faces reminds me of a huddle of kittens dozing contentedly.

Anonymous said...

You've caught the essence of pansies in your stitched designs.

The ones in your garden are lovely too. Do your pansies self-seed year after year? I find that the little "heartsease" pansies pop up everywhere, even in cracks between paving stones.

Remy said...

Beautiful design and stitching. I love pansies too.

Karen Clark said...

I was looking at photos of pansies to study them for a birthday card for my aunt when I came across this post. I'm working in paper right now, but am very inspired by your pansy collage. Thanks!! your work is beautiful!!