Monday, June 15, 2009

Vacation Weekend

Last weekend, my sister and I and my dog Katie went to Sacramento to visit my sister's best friend Beth. Our plan was to have a relaxing "do nothing" weekend, and I must say that we succeeded brillantly!

Our "do nothing" weekend included me taking Katie for morning walks in a lovely Sacramento neighborhood:

Not surprisingly, Sacramento is known as "The City of Trees" and this certainly picture typifies that. Here's more trees in Land Park, a huge park in midtown Sacramento:

Our most strenuous outing was a visit to the Rose Garden near the state capitol (also conveniently located next to a California Pizza Kitchen - which was our dinner destination):

And here's the capitol building a few blocks away, as the sun was setting directly behind it into the west:

Katie spent her weekend happily hunting a pair of squirrels that scolded her from up in the trees and taunted her along the back fence:

I spent the weekend working on a Pat Thode "Santa Pulling Sheep" canvas in pastel colors that made a pleasant (and work-free) change:

I even got my sister and her friend stitching on some of my quilt designs (and hope I've gotten them addicted to stitching).... So, all in all, we spent our weekend happily stitching, chatting, eating, and watching tv (while stitching, of course).

Ah, I love those "do nothing" weekends...
I do hope you get the chance to have one soon!


Nicole said...

I went to Sacramento (about 15 years ago)for a couple days when we lived in Northern CA and I'll never forget that rose garden - it's just beautiful!!

Wanda said...

That sounds like one great weekend!! I envy you! Not that I don't "do nothing", but because you have someone to do it with! I think your sweet dog loved it too!