Monday, October 19, 2009

A Few New Blog Treats

Every so often, when I have a bit of free computer time, I go looking to see if I can find some more stitchery blogs to add to my list over on the righthand side there. One can never have enough creative inspiration and stitching motivation, right?!?

So here are a few more blogs for you to check out:

by designer Barbara Elmore. I am soooo tickled to see that Barbara has made the plunge into blogging. Barbara and I have become BBDF (Best Blogging Designer Friends) ever since meeting at a TNNA show in Long Beach, lo these many years ago. When she couldn't decide whether to start a blog, I urged her to give it a go.... (Rather selfishly actually, because I, for one, wanted to hear her thoughts and creative processes for creating her wildly colorful and fun canvases.)

So please hurry over to her blog and check out her postings. Barbara is really the Diva of Dimensional Stitching, and if you want to see what I mean, just go read her postings about adding dimension to your canvas...and then hop over to her website where you'll see her fabulous canvases. AND YOU MUST SEE HER NEW SERIES OF NEEDLEPOINT SHOES! REALLY, REALLY, REALLY.(I'm rather gaga over her May shoes, in particular...)

, by Jan Fitzpatrick is a geometric stitcher's paradise. You can watch her create geometric pieces step-by-step, based on her collection and love of Moroccan rugs and designs. Lots of terrific inspiration here for counted canvas lovers!

NEEDLEART & OTHER MUSINGS is another stitcher's blogging adventure in the land of canvas and thread....something we can ALL relate to, I have no doubt.

RITTENHOUSE NEEDLEPOINT is a fun blog to visit because it's like stepping into a hip stitchery shop from the comfort of your home. Lots of neato new canvases and products are showcased here, and now and then photos of the trendy shop in Philadelphia, PA. And they're also sharing photos and information about different types of stitches that are fun to look at and definitely get the ol' creative juices flowing....

And speaking of boundless creativity, check out FREEBIES, ETC.! where the designer who brings you POSSIBILITIES, ETC.! has another blog about the nitty gritty of creating canvases. If you're itching to get out your paintbrushes and pens and dabble on canvas, this is the blogsite for you!

I'll end this post on a serene note, by directing you to a bit of stitching surrounded by lovely photography. For a special treat, please look at ALLTHEBEAUTIFULTHINGS. It will surely make you sigh a bit in appreciation of such lovely photos....(and you'll probably start thinking to yourself,"Why can't I take photographs of my work like that?")


Possibilities, Etc. said...

Thanks for you mention of my Freebies blog - will get back on it soon. Also do check out to enjoy great visual stimulation and entertainment - these things, and her photos are gorgeous.

Carol said...

Couldn't get the links to stitchpography and thread medlay to work.

Donna said...

The Stitchpography link did not work for me.

Barbara Elmore said...

Hi Laura,

Thank you for all the KIND words about my blog. I so appreciate it and little by little, I think it is being discovered. I am bummed that the URL thing is such a problem. I guess it is the iweb Mac thing...but oh well, it makes it easy for me to manipulate and manage.

Your blog continues to be such an inspiration to me, and I envy your beautiful surroundings in CA where you live! All those flowers!
Thanks for your encouragement!
PS.. do you know about Stitcherie? Check it out! LOVE IT!

LIZ said...

The links to Thread Medley & Stitchopography didn't work for me either. Would you share the URLs?