Monday, October 26, 2009

Tricks or Treats?

A friend of mine gave me this cute, glittery sign that I hang on my office door this time of year:

Every time I look at it, I think, "Gee, that would look cute as a stitched project."
So this year, I sat down at the computer, picked out a nice fat font, scanned it into the cross-stitch software, then loaded it onto my website for a Halloween freebie pattern for all you stitchers. Here's the pattern. (You can find a printable version on my FREE PATTERN page on my website or you can hit the PRINT PREVIEW button on this page - under FILE - and then enlarge the page and print it directly from here):

The design count, including the border space around the letters, is 74 x 54.
The design size on 18 ct. canvas would be 4" x 3".

I'm not listing any threads for this little pattern, because I can easily think of a dozen or so fun combinations. Soooo, you'll just have to use your own creativity to pull the threads for this out of your own Halloweeny stash.

Try stitching the black outline in black Fuzzy Stuff, for a scratchy, witchy look... or maybe use a fun black metallic ribbon with orange and purple glints in it... And filling all those letters can be a real hoot! Use a variegated Halloweeny thread thruout, or perhaps stitch each letter in a different color....maybe a different metallic ... or HEY! how about some glow-in-the-dark colors?!?

And here's the one I stitched (it just took me two evenings) using all Ribbon Floss thread (BLACK: 148-202; PURPLE: 148-40; ORANGE: 148-035; GREEN: 148-056). Instead of framing it, I just wrapped it around a piece of mat board, so I can hang it from a door nob or drawer nob or maybe I'll just prop it up somewhere on a shelf...

Well, anyway, this is a fun and easy treat for all you Halloween lovers out there! ENJOY!


NCPat said...

How cute!! Halloween is getting bigger every year and this is a great project to add to the decorations!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another wonderful freebie! I really like this simple Halloween design. It's printed and in my folder.

George said...

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