Monday, November 16, 2009

Check This Out!

I had lunch with my sister last week, and she was telling me about the latest gizmo that her quilting friends are talking about. It's a light-weight back support that helps ease back strain for all of us sitting and working on our craft projects.

Here's what it looks like:

My sister happened to find them at Walgreens (one for $4.00, or 3 for $10.00) and so she got one for me to try as well.

As you all know, we stitchers spend A LOT of time hunched over our projects - on frames or bars or floor stands - and we get soooo focused on our work we forget about our straining back muscles. And then we we get up to move around and ... OUCH! (Sound familiar?)

Anyway, I've been using this neato back support thingy all weekend, carrying it around and moving from office chair to sofa to kitchen seat and I'm really lovin' it! It provides constant back support for a variety of seating positions. Boy, I didn't realize what a difference a little back support could do for my back. (If backs could smile, mine would be smiling a mile wide!) And at this price, I may have to get another one for my office chair.

So, I pass this timely tip on to you, my fellow stitchers - just in time for our big Stitching-Frenzy-Into-the-Holidays-Season and hope you can find one of these really nifty things in your area. (Trust me, you'll enjoy stitching even MORE with one of these at your back....)

Happy Strain-free Stitching!
(and thanks for the support, Sis!!)


lewmew said...

Will it work on the couch as well?

Susan said...

Thanks for that info! I'm going to get one today, and some for friends as well.
Great tip!!

Barbara Elmore said...

GADS! I paid $150 for a similar thing about 8 yrs ago at a Relax the Back store. I am going to look for this at Walgreens now too, because my expensive one is on my computer chair, and heavens knows my back needs more support while I'm stitching. Thanks for sharing this!

Carol R said...

I wonder if these are available in the UK .. off to do some research!