Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time for Falling Leaves

It's that time of year when leaves are turning all sorts of lovely colors. How can you not notice the beauty of the trees, as they put on their show of changing colors? To celebrate this season, I thought I'd share some of my autumnal patterns with you.
Here's a quilt design called FALLING LEAVES

It's been a very popular design...and a bit of a challenge to stitch, with all those swirling quilt blocks! But I love the "feather-stitched" ecru border, and then that outer border of triangle "geese" blocks is always a favorite of mine. (Notice that the geese triangles are stitched with a variegated thread - Watercolours 10, "Fiesta", so the color changes create a nice surprise...)

And here's another popular quilt, MAPLE LEAF (also done in Watercolours 10, Fiesta, although I've also stitched it in forest greens and cranberry for a different look):

And of course there's INDIAN SUMMER

followed by INDIAN AUTUMN (they both use Watercolours 168, "Rainforest" which has more muted autumnal colors):

Here's FOUR WINDS, which I also consider a fall-ish design, too. (And yup, that variegated thread in there is good old Watercolours 10, Fiesta):

I'll finish showing the rest of my fall designs in my next post...stay tuned...


Anonymous said...


Love your designs and I always check to see what's new. What is the beautiful header? Wonderful shading.

Anja´s Wunschpunsch said...


love your patterns. My favorite is the Indian Summer. Is is wonderful.


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