Wednesday, June 9, 2010

All My Mythical Creatures

I recently received an email from a stitcher who is working on a very old pattern of mine called MYTHICAL CREATURES. It contains a set of two patterns -- one of a griffon and one of a pegasus. Here they are together:

I remember at the time I was designing these patterns that I wanted to create something that would be totally different, yet elegant enough to hang up in a bathroom or a den or office. Here's what the griffon looks like up-close in his rather Romanesque medallion:

The stitcher who emailed me (Lynn) also said her grandchildren were having fun stitching just the animals for themselves, like this:

Isn't that a great idea?

She also asked if I had created any other "mythical creatures." Well, I went digging through my archive of old patterns and found the companion piece I created after MYTHICAL CREATURES. And - guess what it's called? SEA CREATURES! Here are the pair of them - a watery sea horse and a friendly mermaid:

I designed this pair in terra cottas and turquoises, for an antiquey, mediterranean look, and used an old greek key pattern around the edges, and also added a few bullion knot seashells in the corners. Here's what the sea horse looks like up-close (and yes, the actual model is aqua/turquoise - not the blue shown in the cover photo above):

Anyway, I was glad that Lynn contacted me about these old designs, because it prompted me to go looking for them and made me remember how much I enjoyed stitching them. (So, I'm off to find the models now...I think I may have to find a place to hang them in my new house - Woo Hoo!)

P.S.: If you're interested in these designs, drop me a e-line and I'll be happy to print them up and sell them to interested stitchers!


Anonymous said...

Laura--Are these charts available, or are they OOP? I love the sea ones; the borders are FAB!

Carol S.

uzornitsa said...

Просто потрясающая работа!!!Класс!!!
It's very very nice!!!

Mary said...

Both sets are lovely--great colors and the border designs are wonderful.

Edy said...

Love the "frames" around these creatures.

escort said...

Pretty worthwhile info, thank you for the article.

chicago.mermaid said...

Laura, your patterns brought me back to my old needlepoint days! I kept going back on your blog and saw the two Sea Creatures. I LOVE them! I want to order the patterns so I will try to find your eMail address.