Monday, June 27, 2011

A New Abstract

It's time to reveal my latest abstract design in the IMPRESSIONIST COLLECTION - I call it "FLUORITE FANTASY":

I was inspired to create this diamond-studded design because of a handful of favorite crystals called "fluorites" I got many years ago. They are naturally formed octahedrons in cool colors like teal and purple, and they look like this:

And when I was stitching on FLUORITE FANTASY I tried to use diamond-shaped patterns as much as possible, to reinforce the crystal's shape and form:

I've also added lots of crystal beads (which you can't really see in this photo, and in addition, I've added a few small purple jewels in the smaller diamonds - which I didn't show in this particular photo...)

And of course, in this piece I also use one of my favorite techniques: stitching the same patterns in different thread weights (thick and thin) to create the illusion of space and distance within the design:

So, if you love stitching in purples and teals, and want to create an asymetrical counted canvaswork piece, this might be a nice challenge for you! Please visit my website for more information on FLUORITE FANTASY...


Karen said...

Ewwww, pretty!!! I love flourite, and this is really cool! It would make a nice companion to my recently-finished Starry Nights :)

punxsygal said...

I'm blown away by your designs. Just magic.