Monday, June 13, 2011

Red, White & Blue - I Am For You!

Gosh, time flies when you have your head down over scroll bars and are crazily stitching on one piece after the other! That's what I've been doing these past few weeks, so please forgive my blogging absence. I've been so focused on developing lots of new ideas, plus finishing up a few projects that I just couldn't stop to chat. Instead I've been flitting from project to project in sort of a stitching frenzy (can you relate?!?)....

Anyway, it's time to reveal my first finished summer project to you. TA DA! it's a RED, WHITE & BLUE PANEL.

I can't believe I didn't think of doing this earlier, but when I was leafing thru my notebooks for more long panel ideas, it suddenly occured to me that a red, white and blue one would be so fun to stitch up that I had to drop everything, cut a piece of canvas, pull some threads, and start stitching.

I chose three big, easy patterns that stitched up really quick and also were fun to work. (I got this piece finished inside of a week). My thinking was to get the pattern all done and released before the Fourth of July, so I'm pleased to say I've met my self-imposed deadline with time to spare!

Here's the red section up-close:

The zig zag foundation is done with a variegated red - Watercolours 219,"Cardinal" - with Rhodes Ovals done in a soft metallic Ribbon Floss and Eyelet Ovals done with a red DMc #5 pearl cotton.

Here's the white section up-close:

I chose a simple bargello wave that uses three different soft metallic Ribbon Floss colors that alternate with plain white DMC #5 pearl cotton.

And here's the blue section up-close:

There's a variegated blue star foundation that uses a new Watercolours thread - 281, "Hudson Bay" (from which I cut out about an inch of the brightest blue of the thread, to stitch with the beautiful flag blues in the rest of the threads.)

I wish you could see the actual piece, because it just sparkles all over, what with all the red, white, blue, and gold metallics used in the piece.

And what I like about having it hanging on my office wall is that it really looks good from a distance; even though there isn't any real focal point in the piece, it's interesting to realize that those red, white & blue colors ARE the focal point, and they are so emotional and evocative in and of themselves that it becomes a simple but very powerful piece to display. (Although it has occured to me that this piece would also provide a great background to embellish with American charms - maybe some large gold stars, perhaps? Another stitching friend of mine suggested to would make a great banner project as well...)

So.... if you're in the mood to do a little flag waving this Fourth of July, this RED, WHITE & BLUE PANEL might be a fun project to get you in the right spirit.... Check out my website for full pattern and ordering details.


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely piece - evocative of the flag without going the whole stars and stripes route.


santadeb said...

Beautiful... A must do for me!

Edy said...