Monday, September 19, 2011

Add a Little Mystery to Your Life!

In the latest issue of Needlepoint Now(Sept/Oct), there's the start of a three-part project of mine called "Triptych Mystery". Here's what the whole design looks like (since they've revealed the whole design in the magazine, I'll also share it with you here):

Each month a different square will be shown and stitchers can do the whole design, or just one block at a time, as they prefer. I've chosen favorite stitch patterns that are fun and interesting to stitch. And the 4" blocks do work up rather fast... and can make great abstract ornaments as well. (I can see them turned on point with a tassel added for a hanging ornament...or all three worked as a small banner - apprx 4" x 12".) Here's what the first installment looks like up close:

If these abstract squares intrigue you, check out the latest Needlepoint Now magazine and get started stitching!

But also please take note: the Watercolours thread used for the whole piece should be Watercolours 231 - Ethiopia (not 257 as written in the instructions). When proofing the pages I totally overlooked the thread number and the wrong one slipped by me! Rats... Sorry for the mistake, stitchers... but once you see the gorgeous purples, golds and browns of 231 Ethiopia you'll love working with it as much as I did!


Sally said...

Can't wait to star stitching!

Sally said...

Looks fun! Can't wait to start stitching!

lewmew said...

After it is in Needlepoint Now, will you make it available through your site?