Monday, November 21, 2011

Mini Mystery Monday

Time to finish your mini mystery project...

Here is the next step for building your outer border area:

And here's the graph for it, starting on the upper right-hand side:

You have two choices here: 1) stitch your big corner Rhodes Square right up against your existing work (upper right-hand corner shown on graph); or 2) count up/over 8 canvas threads and start diagonal satin stitching your outer border over 3 canvas threads. (I suggest working on the outer border first, because you have a few more options to consider for your final border filling that is coming up next, so just read ahead before you start stitching - grin!)

Okay, here are your two choices for filling the wide border area:

I stitched my model with the LEFT border. And after I stitched it up, I thought that the RIGHT border would be equally interesting, so I've included it here for you to consider. Here's the option I stitched:

The graph for the LEFT border looks like this (and yes, it's a partial graph, so you'll have to stitch the rest of it on your own):

And the graph for the RIGHT border looks like this:

Notice that the big Rhodes Square in the corner changes color in the above graph. I've made it gold instead of red.... you can make your squares ANY COLOR YOU WANT! But I might also tell you that making all those Rhodes Squares uses up a lot more thread, so keep that in mind. If you only have a limited amount of a certain thread, you might opt for the first border, which uses less amount of thread - although there's more metallic in that border, so keep that in mind as well.

And speaking of metallics, when you're stitching ornaments, isn't it a good idea to put as much sparkle as possible? I mean, that's what catches your eye when you hang your ornament up, isn't it? So think about how much metallic you want in your design and especially for the holidays, the more glitter the better, right??!!

And TA DA! Here's what your finished mystery ornament should look like (more or less - grin):

I hope you enjoyed working on this little design.
I'll be posting another one next Monday, so stay tuned... and keep stitching!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

This is fab! I've really enjoyed the MMM. I've not done canvas work before but luckily had some 21 count canvas in my stash bag so I've been using that.
Looking forard to next Monday's new start. Thanks for these lovely charts.v

SueB said...

I took a few days off last week and got ahead of myself so picked up supplies and have almost finished the Wind and Waves piece ... something I'd meant to do since 2004 according to the date on the printed sample that I found! Thanx for the inspiration and t'riffic Mini Mystery - it's been fun!

Mangogirl said...

That design look gorgeous! I've never done that kind of embroidery before. I have an urge to go buy canvas so I can.

lisa said...

Thank you for Mystery Mondays. I am an avid cross stitcher who happened upon your blog and found your mystery design. Looks just like the specialty stitches I already know so I gave it a try. I don't have any canvas so I grabbed some 40 count linen and some silk thread. My finish was 1.5 inches big...or should I say small!! So much fun- I will be looking for future installments, I can see some needlepoint in my future!

Anonymous said...

i thought you might be interested in my version of your wonderful ornament. it is on my new blog! i used your colour palette but softened it somewhat.

CyberJulka said...

Dear Laura! I have made your next design - Mini Mistery Monday #1:) Thank you for so beautiful design! It's on my blog:

Hugs from Poland!

Cyber Julka