Thursday, November 3, 2011

November Colors

Now that it's November - and how did THAT happen already?!? - it's time to change the masthead on my blog. I've slipped in a partial photo of an old design (and one of the few purely "cross stitch" graphs of mine) called PUMPKIN HARVEST. (ASIDE: the photos in the mast area always mysteriously appear in a totally different crop size than the way I've actually done them, so please forgive their slightly weird look - I can't control why it does that...)

Anyway, I consider PUMPKIN HARVEST a cross stitch design, even though I stitched the model with Tent Stitches (half cross stitches) on regular tan/brown 18 ct. mono canvas. It's my favorite technique for stitching cross stitch graphs in HALF the time... (Well that's the pecular way I convince myself to do cross stitch projects, and I'm stickin' to it!)
That's not to say you have to do it my way at all... It can easily be done on your favorite cross stitch fabric, whether it's aida cloth or linen.

I always enjoy looking at this row of colorful pumpkins when I bring it out around Thanksgiving, and I thought you'd enjoy it too!

And just to add a little bit more November color to this posting, I'm closing with a few glowing photos of the pumpkins on my front porch. Enjoy!

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Tatkis said...

Such cute and bright pumpkins!