Monday, February 6, 2012

Mini Mystery Monday #5, part 2

Time for the next installment of our #5 Mini Mystery! It's a pretty darn easy step this week... plus being pretty as well. We're going to add some metallic this Monday, so get your brightest, sparkliest metallic ribbon in your needle, then study this graph:

You're going to add a layer of Rhodes Stars (large ones and smaller ones), plus a few long straight stitches that connect the stars to each other. Work all these new stitches amongst the variegated stitches you've already worked. Here's an up-close stitch diagram of the metallic stars you'll need to add:

And TA DA -- that's all for this week. It's a short one, I know, but adding a little bit of sparkle is always exciting no matter what size the project, don't you think?

We'll add another layer of "soft" metallic stitches next week (the more glitz the better, right?).... plus I'll share an additional/optional "upgrade" layer with you, so you'll have another way to stitch this project up if you choose to. See you then!

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albena said...

Thank you for your mini-sal, you cane see my work on my blog. I'm waiting for another mini mystery monday! ;)