Monday, June 18, 2012

Mini Mystery Monday Floral Surprise pt. 2

Now that you have your simple lattice foundation stitched, we can add a bit more stitching around it.

Here's the graph to follow for this week:

Outside your stitched box (the narrow borders) you need to lay a pair of metallic ribbon stitches "in the ditches", going the full length of your center box - as shown by the red arrow above.

Or, if you prefer, you can count up/over and stitch the outer scalloped border first, using 1 strand of your lighter green thread. If you stitch your scallops before laying the ribbon threads, just be sure to count carefully to leave/skip over enough canvas threads for your long ribbon stitches!  The green arrow above points to a good place to begin stitching your scallops.

After you have the long metallic threads laid, and the scalloped borders in place, you just need to add a bit of gold metallic accent stitches, as indicated by the pink arrow above.  First, place a straight stitch across the center, then add the elongated cross stitch on top, so it holds down the laid metallic ribbons, using 1 strand of your fine gold #8 braid.  While you're traveling around the square, you can also add the other gold accent stitches in the corners when you reach those spaces.

That's it for this week!  Next time, we'll start filling in the diamond spaces with a different little flower, which will get us ready for adding the special flower in the center diamond.....  Have fun!!

(P.S.:  If you're having trouble opening the graphs with Internet Explorer, try using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  My blogsite doesn't do well with Explorer, but interacts fine with Chrome and Firefox... go figure!! )

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