Monday, July 2, 2012

Mini Mystery Monday, Floral Surprise pt. 3

Happy Monday, stitchers!

Now we can move ahead to actually adding some flowers to our mystery project.

Here's the next graph for you to follow:

 As you can see, you'll be filling in the small diamond-shaped openings of your lattice with very simple flowers.  Make your flowers with 1 strand of your light flower color, and then add a
cross stitch on top, with 1 strand of your gold braid.

Also, you can add elongated cross stitches in the narrow opening under each scallop of your outer border; plus sneak in a small smyrna cross at each corner of your scalloped border.  Here's a stitch diagram for those different elements:

 Have fun adding these sweet little elements, and then next Monday we'll finish up with the center flower!  (Are you thinking you know what kind of flower it will be?  Just wait....and maybe you'll be right!)


Laurita Hall said...

Very beautifull!!!

Suzanne Offer said...

I just discovered your site...happy day! How do I subscribe, so that I can keep enjoying your work? Thanks, Suzanne

Monique D (Maransart-Belgique) said...

Je découvre votre blog et j'y trouve de bien jolis ouvrages. J'aimerais m'inscrire à une "Newsletter" mais je ne sais pas comment faire car je ne vois pas d'inscription possible sur votre blog. Merci de ce que vous me direz.