Monday, July 9, 2012

Mini Mystery Monday, Floral Surprise - FINI!

Well, these weeks have gone by quickly, haven't they?
So now we're ready to finish up by adding the final flower arrangement in the center.

Here's the overall graph for you to follow:

Did you guess it was going to be a bluebonnet???  I borrowed a few bluebonnet flowers from my larger design, "BLUEBONNET COLLAGE", because I thought these little stitched flowers looked remarkably like the Texas flowers (although here in the West we call them lupines and they come in other colors besides blue - like pink and white and yellow). Here's the full BLUEBONNET COLLAGE piece for you to see:

And here's a closer look at the way the little flowers are created (without the french knots, so you can see the stitches better):

Once you've stitched your bluebonnets, as shown above you can add the french knots, with 1 strand of your light flower color, and then you're done.  Or you can certainly use beads instead of the french knots, if you prefer....  Here's how my little bluebonnet mystery turned out:

I hope you've enjoyed this project and will try it in other flower colors as well.... and even try it on different canvas colors, to see what other effects you can achieve. ( I think it would look really lovely done in soft whites, on the pale green canvas...or maybe use pale pinks or yellows...what do you think?)

 Until next time, Monday stitchers, have fun finishing this one up!


ShirleyEG said...

Thank you so much for giving us your mini-mystery designs. I love your designs and these minis are so cute. Gives me a great reason to look forward to Mondays!

MissLN said...

Wonderful Love.
Kisses from France !