Monday, July 23, 2012

Hot Days, Cool Projects

We've been having some hot days here in Northern California.  Not surprising, since it's the height of summer.  Time for cool drinks, sitting in the shade of a leafy tree or a patio, and dreaming about.....stitching, of course!

When it gets hot, I like to wear cool watery colors - blues and aquas and greens.  Same with my projects: I gravitate towards working with cool color threads - blues, greens, aquas.... Ahh!

Here are a few cool projects I've created in the past, that I thought you'd appreciate seeing in the midst of a hot summer day:

OCEAN WAVES (how perfect is that on a scorching July day?)

 MOORISH TILES (this is a real optical illusion piece!)

REFLECTING POOLS (totally cool project, but requires focusing to count all the boxes...maybe not
the best "no-brainer" piece for a hot day - grin!)

BLUEBONNET COLLAGE (just looking at these flowers makes me think of a field of bluebonnets waving in the breeze, and calms me down)

IRIS KIMONO (a very serene blue pattern)

Hope you're staying cool and enjoying all the best things about a summer's day!


Needlework: The constant thread said...

These are just beautiful! I haven't done any like them and hope to be able to choose one for 2013 and complete it.

Needlework: The constant thread said...

I think they are just beautiful! Hope to be able to choose one for 2013 project.