Friday, August 31, 2012

A Royal Finish!


I've finally finished my latest geometric design, called "ROYAL PAVILLION" and here's what it looks like:

Lots of golden glitz and purple glamour on this one, let me tell you!

I was kind of obsessed with getting just the right colorway for this design, since I wanted dark, rich, jewel-tone colors that reminded me of English or Medieval pagentry.... (think purple velvets and gold brocades... )  Purple and gold was what I wanted, so I used the very regal Watercolours 184 - "Sheherezade" for the inspirational foundation thread, then matched it with a family of purples (550, 552, and 553) for the solid colors.  Then I added two types of gold metallics: one a thick ribbon (Ribbon Floss 144-001) and one a thin braid (Kreinik #8 Braid 002HL).  And for added richness, I chose to work this on the darker sandstone canvas, instead of the paler eggshell - but you can certainly change the canvas color to suit your taste...(I've even stitched up a smaller ornament, using some of the elements in this pattern, on the lavender canvas, and boy, is it a punch of purpleness!)

Here's how it looks up close in the corners, and you can see where I've added some large and small gold beads ( included with the pattern):

And I especially enjoyed working the simple (but very effective) zig zag outer border in a fast-moving straight stitch.  Lots of fun, fun, fun (but not hard AT ALL):

And again, once I finished stitching this particular model, I started wondering what it might look like in other colorways... I mean, this could be worked up in ANY color you'l like to try, and shoot, wouldn't it be fantastic looking in winter whites and golds??  Anyway, I didn't have time to stitch them all up, alas, but I've included several other thread suggestions  for BLUE, RED, AQUA, and GREEN colorways - still keeping with that regal jewel-tone theme!

So "hear ye, hear ye!".... if you want to start working with a new color palette for the fast-approaching autumn season, please visit my website and check on my new ROYAL PAVILLION design.


NCPat said...

Very nice! Lush colors!

Dirty Martini Queen said...

Just simply beautiful